Two of Most Mixed Loop Band Set
Two of Most Closed Loop Band

Mixed Loop Band Set

Regular price $2,800

The ultimate in stacking bands, our four-piece Mixed Loop Band Set is made up of two each of our closed loop and open loop bands, each crafted in fine, high polish 14k gold.  The measurements are:

closed loop band: width 6.5mm
closed loop midi band: width 6.3mm
open loop band: width 9mm
open loop midi band: width 7.5mm

Although we love to wear them all stacked on one finger, the combinations are endless...split the set between fingers, wear the midi rings on your pinky...we want you to bo you...

Not sure which size to choose?  A good rule of thumb (!) for midi-rings is to go with half of your full ring size on the same finger, or to use your pinky ring size (which can usually be worn on the index or middle finger interchangeably).  If you need more info on finding or converting your ring size, click here.

To ensure that your jewelry travels easily and remains in pristine condition between wearings, your Two of Most pieces will arrive in a plush pouch with an internal divider and our signature polishing cloth for fine buffing.

Two of Most Closed Loop Band
Two of Most Open Loop Band