Collection: Gold Double Piercing & Chain Stud Earring Collection

Our double piercing earrings feature cable chain connected earrings on studs and hoops to keep them secure and allow for wear in either your earlobe or cartilage piercings.

These double hole earrings can be worn in multiple double lobe earrings, helix to lobe chain earring, or as a double cartilage piercing hoop or stud - the possibilities are endless!

All in 14k solid gold and gemstones, our chain stud earrings, diamond chain earrings, and stud chain charms are perfect for customizing your ear stack...we want you to do you!

At Two of Most, our jewelry is made to be stacked and layered, as we believe that every woman deserves “one of everything…and Two of Most”

Need more info on how to wear and care for our screw back styles? Sure!